HKU CS Distinguished Lecture – Robotic Manipulation: Sensor Intelligence & Decision Intelligence

Date(s) - 21/05/2021
9:30 am - 11:30 am
Speakers: Matei Ciocarlie, Jeannette Bohg, Carmel Majidi, Naveen Kuppuswamy, Wenzhen Yuan & Lorenzo Natale


Just as brain and sensory receptors make the biological basis of human intelligence, the decision-making hardware/algorithms and proprioceptive/exteroceptive sensors are two main foundations of artificial intelligence. Since the past 60 years, the combination of sensor intelligence and decision intelligence has been promoting the continuous innovation of intelligent robotics, which rely on sensors to perceive the world and rely on decision making to behave rationally. The recent rise of deep learning is unlocking a wave of high-resolution sensor development and driving market demand for intelligent sensing – the ability to extract insights from massive sensor data. This workshop invites internationally renowned experts to share their findings and insights about how to further push the frontiers of combining sensor intelligence and decision intelligence in the deep learning era, with the special focus on solving important and open problems in robotic manipulation.